6 steps to the best acoustic solution

The roadmap

  • 1. Acoustic scan

    We carry out the scan at the location. We analyse the space and the used materials, measure the sound performance, make an inventory of the activities, and listen to the experiences and requirements of the people who work there. We also like to know more about the technology they use, the architecture, and the current layout. The potential plans for the organisation of the work activities are another important factor. We want to know all the ins and outs in order to develop a solid plan. Completely attuned to the use of the space.

  • 2. Acoustic advice

    The principle of our design is that you get a workspace where the element of sound is optimally taken care of. Where you can do your work properly and with focus. Where you can talk, listen, relax, or concentrate. This means that we also look at functionality and design, as the layout and fittings need to match the identity and style of your organisation. Our designers combine their acoustic expertise with architecture and styling. This is how they arrive at an integral advice that meets the requirements of the users: from high-grade customised solutions to simpler practical improvements. For example, by using one of our acoustic products. And as we always present our advice with 3D impressions and atmospheric images, you will immediately get a clear picture of what we mean.

  • 3. Practical solution

    We always present our advice as practical and concrete solutions. We indicate which solutions we want to apply and which products can best be used. We will show you the benefits of a certain solution as well as the possible alternatives. Complete with a clear indication of the required budget. And we will invite you to come to our showroom where you can see the products we want to use. We like to keep things practical.

  • 4. Budget

    Investing in sound in a work environment is a serious affair. The results may not be easily expressed in money straight away. But even so, taking everything into consideration, you will quickly see that people are more productive and better able to concentrate in a pleasant acoustic climate.


    We like to present the maximum package that you can realise on a certain budget. Within that framework, you can make your own choices and pick the details you like. The solution that best suits your situation and budget will be further developed into a detailed offer.

  • 5. Production and installation

    When we create a design, we also already know how we are going to execute it. We have a team of experts that can handle any project. The acoustic products and solutions are produced in-house. Specific requirements in execution, colours, and design are never a problem. And we always take care of the installation. This means that we never have to deal with unpleasant surprises. From our home base in Den Bosch, our projects take us all across Europe. In Den Bosch, everything comes together and the lines of communication are short: office, workspace, and warehouse: all in one. With our own shown room and production area. We are here to welcome you, so you can see and experience our solutions.

  • 6. Measuring is the key to knowledge.

    It’s only the result that counts. For you as much as for us. When we deliver an interior design with acoustic solutions, we naturally want to know the sound performance. We always like to get feedback on the experiences of the users of a space. Needless to say that we take sound measurements on location, making the results ‘visible’. This allows everyone to see whether everything meets the requirements and whether the goals have been achieved.



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