Modular glass wall system

Transparency is a core value for many organisations. Just as respect for privacy. This can also be translated into the interior design. You want to be able to see each other, connect with colleagues, and have the right amount of light in your workspace. Additionally, you want to have flexibility in how you can arrange your space. In line with how your organisation develops. In all this, you also want to control the noise and sounds. That is why we developed glass walls with a very high insulation value. Easy to place without having to drill into the ceiling or floor. And with all kinds of special features whereby glass walls can become whiteboards or become less transparent to give a space more privacy.


Modular glass wall system from floor to ceiling

Room layout according to your wishes.

Sound insulation up to 41 dB.

Easy (re)positionable.

Can be used sustainably (and possible to be reused).


Slidable acoustic padded panel

A sound-absorbing, upholstered panel with a very high sound absorption value can be placed in front of the glass wall. It is possible to move this panel over a floor rail and to guide it in an upper rail. The vertical sides of the panel are bevelled at an angle of 45 degrees. The panel is padded around.



The panels can be obtained in the following groups of fabrics

Fabric group 1: Camira, type Lucia

Fabric group 2: Kvadrat. type Field or Remix 2

Fabric group 3: Kvadrat, type Galaxy or Steelcut Trio 3


Felt panel

A sound-absorbent felt panel with a perforation pattern can be placed in front of the glass wall. The felt panel can also be suspended on a rail, making it slidable.

Whiteboard foil

The transparent foil in between the glass can be replaced by a white foil, which gives the glass panel a whiteboard function on two sides.


Sound insulation & sound absorption combined

With the right combination of sound insulation and sound absorption it is possible to create a spatial dividing that meets the requirements in the area of:


Enough privacy

No reverberation, so a nice acoustic climate


Surface-mounted glass wall system

The modular glass wall system is a patented system that does not require a kit to be able to link the glass panels to each other in a sound-proof manner. A groove is milled in the vertical end of the glass panel. By using a transparent plastic coupling profile, the glass panels are clipped into each other. In this way the glass wall retains its transparency and its movability. Three different coupling profiles make it possible to realize any desired room layout. The glass is supplied in any desired width (maximum 1200 mm) and height (maximum 3000 mm high)




The glass walls are very sound-insulating and can be supplied with a sound insulation value of 32 dB to 41 dB as laminated single glass, with a sound-insulating foil between the layers, up to 60 dB as double glass.


Glass reflects the sound to a very high degree, so there is a risk that the reverberation time in the room becomes unacceptably high. As an acoustic specialist, Still Design, in combination with the glass walls, supplies a number of sound-absorbing products that ensure that the acoustic climate in the room is optimal. In particular, the sound absorption of these products in the frequency range of 250 - 4000 Hz, the most important area of human speech, is very high with a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.9.