A cabin is a closed space. It is important that both the temperature and the CO2 content in the cabin remain the same as the room in which the cabin stands. We therefore use systems that have good control of this climate control.



Noise nuisance is one of the largest jammers in the office. Consultative colleagues, telephone conversations and poor speech intelligibility can cause inconvenience. 

Noise pollution can lead to irritations, concentration problems and fatigue and therefore has a negative effect on the productivity, satisfaction and health of employees.



Still Design offers noise measurements. Our acoustic specialist will visit you with measuring equipment to map your situation. 

In addition to noise measurements, the properties of the room (s) concerned are also examined. This includes hard materials, glass, floors and ceilings. This affects the acoustics in the room.



After the measurements and determining the problem, we provide appropriate advice with the measures to be taken to improve acoustics. We summarize this in a report.

At Still Design we have a whole range of products for every acoustic problem.

In addition, we can deliver customized work and a suitable design

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