Activity Based Working

Activity-based working focuses on improving performances and productivity. Organisations that work in an activity-based manner stimulate employees to move between various work environments and collaborate with different employees. Still Design can support this by creating an acoustic interior design whereby we assume that it must be able to have 6 different activities taking place in one open space without causing noise nuisance to other colleagues


 The 6 activities are:

  • Conducting phone calls/teleconferencing
  • Spontaneous consultations
  • Meetings
  • Working with total concentration
  • Social working (mutual contact during work)
  • Coffee / copy / lunch activities

By making an acoustic scan, we identify which of these activities need to be facilitated and to what extent. Additionally, we describe the physical properties of the space in which these activities take place. This last step has everything to do with the reverberation time and comprehensibility of speech, which must meet the standard values that we use at Still Design. In principle, we measure the reverberation time of the space before and after redesigning the layout.

Based on the acoustic scan, the interior architect starts working on an attractive design that fits with the existing layout. This is always done by taking all the functional requirements into consideration, ensuring that all the required activities can take place. In doing so, Still Design aims for the proposed solutions to be as flexible as the use of spaces often varies.


Grow Work Group Den Bosch

Applied products:

  • Modular glass wall system
  • Padded office wall
  • Quite workplaces

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