Open office space. Or not?

An open office space is a choice. You opt for social interaction and exchange of knowledge. Good for the team spirit and a productive collaboration. And you can use a space efficiently. But there are pitfalls: too much distraction and too much noise. A lack of concentration. This can be fixed. Let us give you an overview of what we can do.


The advantages of an Open Office Space:

  • Many mutual contacts stimulate the “in it together feeling” and spontaneous mutual discussion. It encourages informal exchange of knowledge.
  • Gives the workspace a dynamic look. Stimulates the employees and quickly makes you feel at home.
  • Improves flexible work. No one has a fixed workspace. You work in a rough formation and save on accommodation costs.

But there are downsides:

  • There is a good chance of noise nuisance caused by colleagues.
  • Noise nuisance affects the ability to concentrate. People are less productive.
  • Employees increasingly work from home which negatively affects the contact with colleagues and team spirit and it impedes the exchange of knowledge.

Still Designs gladly helps you exploiting the advantages of an open office (landscape) and create a solution for the downsides:


  • We design the office acoustically in such a way that all activities (phone calls, spontaneous consultations, meetings, working with focus, and ‘chatting’) are possible without colleagues causing or experiencing disruptions.
  • The layout and fittings offer the level of privacy that each specific activity requires.
  • An optimal acoustic solution is based on a good assessment (acoustic scan) of the work environment and processes in your work environment.
  • We have solutions that offer every desired form and level of privacy without impacting on the open character of an office landscape.
  • Our acoustic solutions are characterised by a high level of efficiency and flexibility. And additionally, they offer a visual enhancement of the interior design.

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Applied products:

  • Callcenter office walls
  • Detached dividers
  • Acoustic Visuals

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