Bubble Focusroom 3

The transparent booth is very suitable for working undisturbed. Apart from being multifunctional, the booth also has excellent acoustics. This was made possible by use of sound absorbing panels on the inside, outside, ceiling and glass walls. A pleasant work climate is created by good climate control and dynamic lighting. The booth is built up modularly, both in format and layout. The number of panels and the upholstery are for you to be chosen, allowing you to always give your booth a personal appearance. In addition, the booth is moveable and is delivered plug & play for optimal usability


A Bubble is always equipped with an air exchange system as standard. Still Design has developed this silent system in which the fresh air is blown into the Bubble via a ceiling grille.

The continuous air supply ensures that the air is refreshed at least 10x per hour. The air leaves the Bubble via a sound-damping enclosure. This allows the Bubble to be used for a long time as a consultation and working space.



The air exchange system has been developed in such a way that it can be replaced by an air conditioning system. This means that in addition to refreshing the air, the temperature can also be regulated.

The condensation that results from cooling is evaporated, so that no drain is needed. The system therefore stands entirely on its own.