Interconnect datacenter

On Interconnect's behalf, our design department has made an interior concept for the 3rd floor of the new data centre in Eindhoven. The 3rd floor consists of workplaces for customers, conference rooms and a demo room. Due to the use of glass, the rooms seem to blend in with each other and daylight reaches the heart of the building. In order to compensate the use of hard materials, 'Pelser' made use of Still Design acoustic materials and products for this design. Acoustic visuals, wall panels and the acoustic plant columns enhance the space and ensure a pleasant noise level in a transparent environment. After the design, there is the alignment for the realisation. 'Pelser" took care of the turn-key delivery. Due to close cooperation between the customer, the interior architect and the project manager, the concept remained intact and practical issues were implemented in the design; fingerprint readers on the doors, the high plinths with implemented Inox tread, automatic curtains for the demo room and nice acoustic visuals with images of the heart of the data centre are included. A well functioning data centre with a unique appearance!